Nov 8, 2012


I've always thought that so many well-known quotes were too cliche to repeat. So, if you change a word or two in the quote and apply it to a situation with a little heart, it'll mean a lot more to me.

Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle - John Watson...or maybe Plato

Well, here: Be gracious; smile at someone; work at having a warm heart; try your hardest to let Jesus show through you; everyone you meet is fighting an emotionally challenging battle.

I always thought that was a good quote, but like I said, I heard it too many times to let it matter. On Tuesday, I received some world-shaking news about my Dad's health. Everything in life seems trivial to the miracle I expect to happen in his body right now. So, as I was at the gym, going through the motions, there was a girl. She was using a mat next to me and she had a very grumpy face. She sighed. She moved around me like I was a mountain she had to climb. I smiled. She continued to grump. I squelched tears because it wasn't her fault that my day, and as far as I know right now, my life is not going the way I had planned. It's not her fault....and she is probably going through a battle too. But I continue to think of her and I have to hold back my fragile emotions because she was part of a day that marked a turn in my life that I would have rather kept straight.

Jesus, heal her heart...and mine.

Sep 26, 2012

No kidding.

I'm more aware of God these days. It once seemed I had to go searching for God and needed religion to find him. Turns out he was searching for me. - Jim Palmer, author of Divine Nobodies

Mar 24, 2012

Pillow Refresher

Thanks to Momstastic and Amazon/hubbylove for a sewing machine, I discovered the beauty of sewing! Here is my first real project...

Pillow before:

After several spelunking trips (and returns with nothing but a fuzz covered face) by the Curbster, this couch has been retired. But we saved the pillows just in case. Free pillow!

And, ta daaaa! After the update!

Curby felt photogenic today. I think our living room is turning hippy.

Cake Stand and Cake!

Well, happy spring! Err...summer if you're my Minnesota family :)

For a year and a half I haven't been eating any refined sugars. I stick to honey as a sweetener so when I found this Yellow Coconut Cake with Cocoa Buttercream Frosting, I knew I had to try it. But you can't just make a thisismyfirstpieceofcakeinoverayearohmy! cake without making a big deal about it. So I decided to make a cake stand to go with it! You know, for photo's sake. So here it is! The stand cost about $4 and was inspired by Pixel Whisk!

Yum! Impressed!

Mar 11, 2012

T-shirt Necklace

So, with all of my time lately I have been feeling pretty crafty. I even bought a sewing machine. But I really like things simple! So here is my creation. It was inspired by Ninth and Bird. She has a wonderful tutorial!

It has been warming up in the valley lately! I felt kind of silly wearing it because it also resembles a scarf. But it looks cute with a t-shirt too. And somebody asked how I made it while I was out!